You Need This To Be Successful In Your Career!

What does it mean to be successful? Everyone has a different measure of views and expectation of success. What do you really need?

Attributes are desired qualities or characteristics of a person which can be inculcated or inherent. Paper chase, skills upgrading, character building, social interactions, network connections are the common intangible 'upgrades' most sought after for people who want to be successful. Leadership, Creative thinking, Dynamic, Go getter mindset, Business troubleshooting etc ..and the list goes on.But are these really important? Yes, they are and because of these specific skills that you are looking to build, your focus tend to skew to one and neglect the other. The result? It limits the growth in your career.

While you consider what is really needed, there is a character you need to develop now. This is called INTRAPRENEURSHIP. This is the character needed for life skills, developing goals and achieving it through overcoming obstacles. Sounds like Entrepreneurship? The key difference for intrapreneurs is that they practice the skills of a entrepreneur in a vocation with managed environment with lower risk.

Why Intrapreneurs?

The speed of change increasingly affects work and business behaviour. The complexity of customer demands are greater than before. Gone are the days of manual labour, task specific job scopes and comfort zones. While all has changed, intrapreneurs look ahead and adapt to change before it happens. The new-normal requires them to provoke their daily lives with positive change, and push themselves to reach another level of adversity, emotional and creative quotients. They yearn for breakthroughs with like an entrepreneur and soft skills are their bread and butter. Wouldn't all these be needed for a business to tide through this economy and stay ahead?

Journey to be an Intrapreneur

While it seems far fetched, both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs have learned behaviours. However, it is also important to internalize it if you really want to propel your career in the workforce. This is one important point where only you are in control - submit yourself to intrapreneurship. Next, there will be 4 areas of common behaviours to help you reach your role as an intrapreneur and learn skills of the current and future economy.

  • Positivity - To see obstacles as potential growth. To see the cup as half full (optimise current potential) before you decide that the cup is half empty (manage risks and how to fill up the other half cup with water)

  • Lifelong Learning - Inject knowledge everyday, everywhere. Learn from coaches, mentors, friends or anyone at all. There is something to learn definitely. Learn the mistakes of a poor leader, learn the strengths of a good leader. Learn how your next door neighbour behaves and why?

  • Analyse and Reflect - Think about the situation, the actions, behaviour, the business concepts, the plans and why things happen for various reasons. Reflection helps you think deep and deep skills provide good understanding and good analytical results. This is where many is lacking.

  • Action - With a success mindset and knowledge, you train your analytical skills through reflections to be sharper in your daily work and dealings. Think with no action equates to a thought and no action. So its pointless. A good constant behavior of learning, analyzing and reflection will propel your actions into success.

Intrapreneurs are the key to a successful business. Simply because they are aligned with the needs of economy and adapt well enough to all environments. Do you have this mindset to succeed in your career?


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