Technology Disruptor, not.

Exciting times are we in for, with everything being tech-ed up isn't it? Technology has led and surfaced the era of disruptions where shared platforms and automation are changing the way things move and behave in the world. If that is just a general statement, then I'll beg to differ.

In this age of disruption, there are 2 complementing factors which has become the key drivers of change; human and technology. To elaborate further, humans thoughts are complex and we at (most) times are difficult to please! As we are made to be intellectually and emotionally engaging with one another, expectations of a better lifestyle and comfort increase our need for that entirely humane experience. As such, humans and our need for that 'experience' is the

catalyst in the lead for change. True?

Technology by itself is non-living. Technology by itself is only a tool. Technology, is human led and by itself does not become a disruptor. Since the 1600s where static electricity was discovered by William Gilbert, technology has since has not turned back on this bull run. Advancements are at lightning speed. However, it is driven by the need for change and the need to fulfil our human experience or desires are the disruptions. Technology is but a tool.

How this world behaves is entirely driven by mortal needs and desires. With conglomerates and venture capitalists cashing in on scalable businesses to increase cash burn rates, this shows how human-led disruptions are. These business models are based on connectivity and efficiency of which technology is the best tool to be used for execution phase. To put things in perspective, the eCommerce boom has seen many brick and mortar retail businesses losing market share. E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Lazada, Alibaba and Qoo10 has made their pile and new challengers like Shopee and Shopify have been coming up strongly to vie for big piece of the pie. However, is it not about just technological platforms but the focus on customer experience as we see the matured eCommerce players move back to into the brick and mortar businesses like what Alibaba is doing (ref below article).

In conclusion, my view is that disruptors are led by human intentions while the term of technology disruption may not justify the root cause of who is responsible for the key changes in our current economy. Businesses should maintain its values of focusing on customer experience. Technology is a tool. Adopting technology may lift a business into its own incompetencies if not used wisely. Just like a blade, it helps but kills at the same time. People first.

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