3 Traits of a Successful Leader

Are you a leader in discovery? Maybe new to a leadership position and keeping yourself in anxiety not knowing if you are ticking the check boxes for a successful leader? Perhaps you may think that it is a skill that you would want to acquire in the future? Let's read on.

A very common question people ask : Are leaders born or bred?. Well it's open ended and definitely still in debate by many leadership gurus. From a practical view, leadership is an art and art is an expression of creativity. What would matter most will be the outcome of your own checklist as a leadership practitioner which i will not want to elaborate further as expectations differ. However in the opinion of many, we look at leaders as an example to follow, to ride a team out of crisis and emerge as champions. Yes? No?

Well in any sense, it is important to know that being a successful leader is a skill of the past, present and future. It is constantly in demand in all forms of human nucleus. Do you have what it takes? In an interview with 10 performing leaders who meet my 'successful leader checklist'. I found 3 very consistent traits which i would like to share with you.

1. Respect others to earn respect from others.

Leaders respect people no matter who they are. They understand that it respect is reciprocally earned. In order to receive, you make the first move to give. Leadership skills has to be recognized by others and how you earn it is critical on your dealings with people around you.

2. Listen so that you can speak with substance.

Communication is your access to everyone else around you. A leader needs to know what his team needs to lead effectively. Listening skills require clear focus, understanding and analytical skills to convert it into a purposeful two-way communication. Speak with substance and relevance which should be useful to the other party.

3. Being Effective so that others can be effective

Personal effectiveness is a clear trait of managing your life well. Are you clear about your objectives and managing them well to achieve your goals? Lead by example, manage yourself well before you are able to manage others well. Family, career, finance, emotions, health. Be effective.

These traits are seemingly clear on how a leader can bring his team through difficulties. The 10 leaders which were interviewed, on several occasions were able to garner support and bring their team through tough times. They have also indicated that attitudes of leaders are very important to their own growth.

One of the leaders shared a quote from leadership guru, John Maxwell: A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Will you be that leader? Reflect on these 3 traits. Build your future, build your skills, be a leader.

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