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Essential skills in Vehicle Fleet Management

$498 nett

Managing a fleet of vehicles is critical to reducing costs and ensure accountability for your company. This course will equip fleet owners / supervisors to understand the overview of fleet management and the areas that the organisation will look at to effectively manage the fleet. 

Safety on the Road - Module 1

$298 nett

To present the principles of safe driving and maintaining space to reduce the risk of a collision; to introduce observational skills; to enhance knowledge of road traffic procedures and road traffic law; and to increase trainee awareness of the driving environment. 

Productivity on the Road- Module 2

$298 nett

Inculcating the skills  learnt from Module 1 and implementing the principles of productivity. You will learn how to develop personal productivity goals and strategise it to meet corporate targets. Proper road planning and how to use simple tools to achieve your priorities will increase your confidence and competency to properly execute your routing. 

Customer Service on the Road - Module 3

$298 nett

Customer service for drivers is often one of the best tools for marketing your brand. Be a mobile brand ambassador and earn the wows from customer as an occupational driver. Key concepts will guide them through this journey and understand how to internalize these concepts. 

Five Stars on the Road- Module 4

$298 nett

Understand how to be the ultimate 5 star driver / Private Hire driver. Blending the learning concepts of Module 1 to 3 of safety, productivity and service, this course will guide you on a fast track to shine and perform your duties to peak at what you do. Learn how to work around obstacles and turn it to your advantage to be above the rest.

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