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When can I start claiming my SkillsFuture Credit? How will I be notified about my SkillsFuture Credit Account?

Singaporeans turning 25 years old will receive their SkillsFuture Credit Account Activation letter by the first quarter of each year. It will include a booklet to explain where they can find the list of approved courses and how to use the credit.For new Singapore citizens aged 25 years old and above, they will receive their SkillsFuture Credit Account Activation letter within the next quarter after they receive their Singapore citizenship.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Can my employer ask me to use my credit to co-fund the course fees of training which they send me for?

No. The SkillsFuture Credit supports individual-initiated training. It is not intended to pay for training provided by employers, which should continue to be borne by your employer. Employers need to invest in job-related skills training of their workers as we restructure towards more capital-intensive and skills-driven growth. We will continue to support the efforts of employers through the substantial subsidies that we provide for employer-supported training. The SkillsFuture Credit complements this by fostering a culture that is supportive of lifelong learning. In addition, employers will not be eligible for absentee payroll support if they ask their employees to fund or co-fund the course fees.

I have registered a course that I found on the SkillsFuture Credit Course Directory with the training provider. However, I am unable to find this course when I try to submit a claim in the SkillsFuture Credit Portal. What should I do?

Please ensure that you have entered your course details (e.g. course ID, course name or training provider) accurately in the course search field. If you are still unable to find your course, please contact the training provider directly to check for the course reference ID.

What if I do not have a SingPass account? Can I access the SkillsFuture Credit Portal without using SingPass?

You will need to login to your SkillsFuture Credit account using your SingPass. Note that you will be required to do a one-time update of your SingPass account and set up your 2-Step Verification (2FA) by July 2016. If you experience any issues relating to SingPass, you may: 1. Visit 2. Email 3. Call SingPass Helpdesk at +65 6643 0555

What is SkillsFuture Credit?

The SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individual ownership of skills development and lifelong learning. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above will receive an opening credit of S$500 from January 2016. Your credit will not expire and the government will provide periodic top-ups, so you may accumulate your credit.

Why is the SkillsFuture Credit only for individuals? Will the Government extend support to employers?

The SkillsFuture Credit aims to strengthen individual ownership of skills development and lifelong learning. Hence it is only for individuals. Currently, employers are eligible for subsidies ranging from up to 50% to 90% of course fees for SSG-supported courses. Under the Enhanced Training Support Scheme for SMEs, SMEs receive up to 90% course fee subsidy when they sponsor their employees for training. Under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) scheme, both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and non-SMEs who sponsor their employees drawing monthly salary not exceeding $1,900 can receive 95% course fee subsidy. Employers who sponsor their workers aged 40 years and above can also receive up to 90% course fee subsidy. Employers are strongly encouraged to tap on these assistance schemes specially designed for them. In addition to course fee subsidies, sponsoring employers will receive absentee payroll support. Employees who are sponsored by their employers to go for training should not have to tap on their own SkillsFuture Credit to pay for course fees, as their course fees should be paid by their employers.

When will I receive top-ups to my SkillsFuture Credit account?

The Government will make periodic top-ups to Singaporeans’ SkillsFuture Credit Accounts. No decision has been made on the timing and quantum of the next top up.

Can the SkillsFuture Credit be used for courses taken at overseas institutions?

No, the SkillsFuture Credit can only be used for approved courses held in Singapore or approved online courses.

Why can’t I use my SkillsFuture Credit at private education institutes?

The use of the SkillsFuture Credit can be used for approved courses offered at selected private education institutes, such as CET Centres appointed by SSG or other SSG-approved training organisations, and MOE-funded arts institutions like LaSalle and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

The course I am interested in is not eligible for SkillsFuture Credit. How can I appeal for the course to be recognised for SkillsFuture Credit claim.

Please advise the Training Provider to check the course eligibility requirements of each public agency on Only when the training provider’s course is eligible can the individual submit a claim against the course.

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